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PBA League Draft: 10 Europeans await to hear their names tonight

Four European bowlers - Richard Teece, Tomas Käyhkö, Osku Palermaa, and Kim Bolleby
Picture source: PBA | BowlingLife's visual

2023 PBA League Draft is just around the corner, scheduled to take place on July 18 at 8 p.m. Central European Time.

The draft proceedings will commence with each of the 10 team managers announcing, in reverse order of their previous year's finish, up to three protected players from their existing rosters.

As each protected player is announced, the anticipation intensifies, revealing glimpses of the teams' intended direction and aspirations for the upcoming season.

Once the protected players have been announced, the draft will enter the two-round snake format, allowing teams to strategically choose from the available draft-eligible players.

The pool of draft-eligible players will be formed from unprotected players of the previous season and bowlers who were not initially drafted but ranked in the top 75 of the 2023 PBA Tour points.

The selection order will reverse in each round, ensuring that every team has an equal opportunity to secure top talent for their rosters.

Four European bowlers - Richard Teece, Tomas Käyhkö, Osku Palermaa, and Kim Bolleby - who did not hear their names called last year, are among the 29 current eligible players with a chance to be drafted for a PBA League competition at Bayside Bowl this fall.

Six European bowlers participated in the 2022 PBA League season, which had one of the craziest endings of any PBA tournament when the Portland Lumberjacks won the Elias Cup for the third time.

  • Stuart Williams, England | L. A. X

  • Martin Larsen, Sweden | L. A. X

  • Santtu Tahvanainen, Finland | Dallas Strikers

  • Dominic Barrett, England | Chicago Hitmen

  • Jesper Svensson, Sweden | Silver Lake Atom Splitters

  • Thomas Larsen, Denmark | Waco Wonders

2023 PBA League Draft will be broadcasted on BowlTV free of charge, so all bowling enthusiasts from around the globe could join in and witness the unfolding drama as team rosters take shape.

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