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Victories in the First Swedish Youth Tour Tournament in Helsingborg

Kevin Fahlström, Kajsa Samuelsson and Anton Andersson at Swedish Youth Tour 2024
Picture source: Svenska Bowlingförbundet/Swedish Bowling Federation

The first leg of the Swedish Youth Tour (SYT) for this year took place on Sunday in Helsingborg.

Winners included Kajsa Samuelsson in the Girls' U21 category, Kevin Fahlström in the Boys' U16 category, and Anton Andersson in the Boys' U21 category.

This year's SYT features varied qualification and final formats across its four tournaments. In Helsingborg's Olympia Bowling, where the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters will take place from August 23 to September 1, qualifiers consisted of ten games per category. The top eight girls in the U21 category and the top eight boys in the U16 category advanced to the finals, while the top sixteen boys in the U21 category moved forward.

Finalists carried their qualification scores into an eight-game series. The top two players then faced off, with the runner-up needing to win two series to claim victory.

Swedish Youth Tour Girls' U21 Category

Kajsa Samuelsson, representing Team X-Calibur, started as the second seed with 3316 points from 18 games. She won the final matches against Elin Bergqvist, who led the qualifiers with 3395 points. Samuelsson, a two-time U18 champion, triumphed with scores of 169-161 and 193-166, securing the first tour win of 2024. Stefanie Layrisse of Sundbybergs IK and Olivia Lindén of BK Cahoot finished third and fourth, respectively.

Swedish Youth Tour Boys' U16 Category

Kevin Fahlström from BK Klossen advanced to the final as the top seed with 3493 points. He faced Erik Larsson of Team Mariestad BK, who scored 3407 points in the finals. Fahlström claimed victory with a dominant 242-162 game. Rasmus Olsson of Team Mariestad and Loke Söderström of Team Gamleby BC finished third and fourth, respectively.

Swedish Youth Tour Boys' U21 Category

Anton Andersson, representing IS Göta, clinched the win as the second seed with 3761 points. He defeated Jonathan Johansson of Höganäs BC, who led with the same score after the final series. Andersson won the finals with scores of 189-174 and 201-179, marking his second win in SYT Helsingborg. Hugo Caprin of Team Clan Nässjö BK and Albin Lindberg of BK Oden Falköping took third and fourth places, respectively.

The next Swedish Youth Tour event will be held in Mora from August 6-8.

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