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Tips to increase your bowling average

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Increasing your average by just a couple of points can make a big difference, especially when your average is 200 and above. But is it also tough to achieve. So it's not surprising that some players eventually stop trying to take the essential step up to improve their game. But for those who want to get better, we have some easy tips to follow to increase your average.

#1 Maintain your gear properly

So many good bowlers we see on the lanes make one crucial mistake. After the practice, they pack their balls and leave, forgetting to take care of their bowling balls. A bowling ball's surface has pores (basically a heavy round sponge), where all the oil of the lanes gets absorbed. Not wiping it out can reduce the productivity and longevity of your expensive bowling balls. Every time you finish bowling, spray your cleaner to scour the bowling ball's surface of all the oil and debris. After 50-60 games your bowling ball must be deep cleaned.

The same rule applies to your bowling shoes - brush them with your brass wire shoe brush during and after your game. Unwanted slips and stops on a bowling lane can be very irritating and even cause injury.

#2 Read the game

Before any tournament or league game, read the pattern sheet. Check the 'Oil Pattern Distance' and 'Volume Oil Total' of a lane pattern, and count your possible starting exit point and breakpoint of the bowling ball. Knowing this information will help you quickly determine which bowling ball to use, and you'll be able to devise your game plan. It can be crucial for your better results and better mindset as well.

#3 Practice makes perfect

How can you improve if your game during training sessions is limited to playing game after game on a house shot? Make a good practice routine by implementing the time-tested systems (e.g. GPA), and challenge yourself on more demanding conditions. Bowling during practice is not just about strikes. When competition comes, those who train to improve their game and learn something new has an advantage.

Good strategy during the competition practice can also be helpful. Try to spend the first 5-7 minutes 'burning' the lane oil to the right of your possible starting line with your most aggressive ball with a lot of surface. This creates what is known as a miss room.

#4 Make your single spares

In competitive bowling, making your spares will determine your average and overall performance as well. For any player to be competitive, one pin spare conversions must be made at a high percentage. Pay attention to them during practice, and find the best spare strategy regardless of which bowling alley you play at.

Increasing your average is a process, not an overnight fix. Develop the right skills in your practice and pre-game routine, and the results will pleasantly surprise you.
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