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Slovak Youth Bowling Championships Shine with Talent

Slovak Youth Bowling Championships 2024
Picture source: Slovak Bowling Federation

The Slovak Youth Bowling Championships for the 2023/2024 season, held on June 8, were a remarkable event, showcasing the talents of 25 participants across six categories based on age and gender.

The day was filled with excitement as young bowlers met their peers, competed, and enjoyed the sport. Many participants displayed significant progress and improved personal scores, while newcomers proved they were in the right place with impressive debuts.

Winners by Category

Boys U10

  • First place: Adam Bryndza

  • Second place: Matyas Josef Macháček (CZ)

  • Third place: Richard Valigura

  • Third place: Viliam Valigura

Boys U12

  • First place: Filip Baltés

  • Second place: Jaroslav Chocholáček

  • Third place: Dominik Bikár

  • Third place: Filip Bracjun

Boys U15

  • First place: Martin Bryndza

  • Second place: Noel Fortis

  • Third place: Michael Malcho

  • Third place: Jakub Igľár

Boys U18

  • First place: Matúš Hrušovský

  • Second place: Filip Juhás

  • Third place: Samuel Krupicer

  • Third place: Lukas Špaček

Girls U12

  • First place: Dominika Radová

  • Second place: Laura Šulková

  • Third place: Alžbeta Pulcová

  • Third place: Lili Špačková

Girls U18

  • First place: Eliška Pospíšilová

  • Second place: Lenka Bikárová

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