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SLLM sends six limited edition Storm bowling balls to Ukraine's Men's National Team...

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Martin Larsen and Jesper Svensson
Credit: Youtube | Storm Lucky Larsen Masters

Organizers of the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters, along with six generous sponsors, have sent their six limited edition blue & yellow Storm Phase II bowling balls to the Ukraine Men's National Team, along with six Jesper Svensson PBA Tour jerseys.

This beautiful and meaningful initiative aims to support Ukraine's bowlers during the difficult times of russia's brazen full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The Storm Lucky Larsen Masters is scheduled to kick off in September and will be the only PBA Tour event held outside the U.S. this season.

Don't hesitate and grab the limited edition Storm Bowling Phaze II bowling ball created exclusively for Storm Lucky Larsen Masters now! Visit for purchase details!

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