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PBA, PBA50, and PWBA Will Strike Together in Jonesboro This Summer

International Bowling Federation

The PBA, PBA50, and PWBA Tours will come together for a unique trios title event in Jonesboro, Arkansas, from July 31 to August 3.

The tournament at Hijinx Family Entertainment Center will feature players from all three Tours, with champions earning national titles and $10,000 each.

This unprecedented event will be livestreamed, showcasing top players collaborating as teams of three for the first time in the PBA history.

The format includes qualifying rounds, match play, and a stepladder finals with baker match play rules. Jonesboro previously hosted PBA Tour events, and the trios format promises an exciting spectacle for bowling fans.

During the event, players will bowl two sets of five-game qualifying rounds within their respective tours, narrowing down to the top 16 for match play. The seeding process before match play will determine the composition of the PBA/PBA50/PWBA trios teams. All No. 1 seeds will be paired together, all No. 2 seeds will form another, and so forth.

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