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Catherine Innes runs for IBF presidency: 'We urge federations to vote for change'

Catherine Innes
Catherine Innes | Credit: Canadian Tenpin Federation

The Canadian Tenpin Federation has officially endorsed Catherine Innes for the position of President of the International Bowling Federation (IBF).

Following Guy Igliori Machado's decision to withdraw his nomination for both the President and 2nd Vice President positions in the Brazilian Bowling Confederation, Catherine Innes, the Executive Director of the Canadian Bowling Federation, and the current IBF President, Sheikh Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah, are the sole nominees running for IBF positions.

'She brings passion for our sport and has a relentless work ethic that has helped build the foundation for the Canadian Tenpin Federation,' said Blaine Boyles, current President of the Canadian Tenpin Federation, in the official letter.

Catherine Innes currently holds the role of Executive Director at the Canadian Bowling Federation and is also the Vice President of the Pan American Zone. She is a member of a multinational working group that has submitted proposed changes to the IBF aimed at improving its operations and financial transparency. These proposals have garnered support from several leading bowling countries, including Canada, England, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and the United States.

Before her current position as Executive Director, Innes served as the President of the Canadian Tenpin Federation for nine years.

'Many federations and athletes worldwide have been saddened by IBF's dysfunction that has led to diminished world championships and removal form the World Games,' Innes said. 'We urge federations to vote for change that sets us on a path to overhaul and rejuvenate the organization while giving fair representation to zones, federations and athletes.'

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