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[BREAKING] Finland has made a decision on participating in Bowling World Championships

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Finland to participate in the Bowling World Cup 2023

After an extraordinary meeting held by the Board of the Finnish Bowling Association on Thursday, June 22nd, the board announced their final decision regarding Finland's participation in the Bowling World Championships, scheduled to take place in Kuwait from October 3rd to 16th, 2023.

The board has unanimously decided that Finland will indeed participate in the tournament.

This decision came out as a shock to many, as one of the most influential countries in European bowling world - Sweden - has already announced their absence from the World Cup in Kuwait.

The Swedish Bowling Association chose not to participate in this international tournament due to allegations of money laundering involving the then President of the International Bowling Federation (IBF), Sheikh Tatal. Sheikh Tatal subsequently resigned but soon resumed his duties and accused Martin Faba (IBF 1st VP acting as Interim President) of conspiring to create a new rival entity.

The Finnish Bowling Association is justifying its decision to participate in the Bowling World Championships since there is no clear evidence of criminal activities and because of the risk of losing financial enhancements to the Finnish Bowling Association and its players.

You can read an official press release in Association's website.

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