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Balkan Challenge Open 2023 Day 8 | Who will end as champion?

Finalists in Group 'A' and Group 'B' at the Balkan Challenge Open 2023

The Balkan Challenge 2023, a highly anticipated bowling tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria, reached its thrilling climax as the final three squads battled it out in an intense competition.

With the culmination of the event just a few hours ahead, the spotlight now shines on the talented finalists who have proven their skills and resilience throughout the qualification.

In Group 'A', the stage is set for an intense showdown as 22 players gear up for the final rounds.

Out of these 22 contenders, 18 have successfully secured their positions through the grueling five-game qualification, while the remaining four have emerged from a separate standing of the squads on or before June 21st as early birds.

The top eight players from Group 'A' have secured their spots in the Final Step 2.

Leading the pack is Lefteris Montsenigos from Greece, whose exceptional gameplay have earned him a ticket straight to the Final Step 2. Joining him are Golan Levi from Israel, Radoslav Tenchev from Bulgaria, David Barak from Slovakia, Craciun Anton from Romania, Mariana Meteksinova from Bulgaria, Stauros Parasakis from Greece, and Dian Dinev of Bulgaria.

For the remaining 14 athletes in Group 'A', the journey continues with Final Step 1, where they will go four-game scratch to secure one of eight positions in the next step of the tournament.

Among these contenders are Alexandru Arbanas from Romania, Darin Trayanov from Bulgaria, Eliave Adva from Israel, Aidas Borodinas from Lithuania, Orestis Papadopoulos from Cyprus, Nikos Serelis from Greece, Marina Stefanova from Bulgaria, Nysret Haziri from Kosovo, Alexander Zahariev from Bulgaria, Victor Dumitrascu, Niki Schiza from Cyprus, Meni Mizrahi from Israel, Plamen Stanchev from Bulgaria, and Stoyan Arsov, also from Bulgaria.

Meanwhile, in Group 'B', the ranking has been finalized, and the top four players from the five-game qualification are primed for their next challenge in Final Step 2. These skilled contenders who have earned to miss Final Step 1 include Mirela Tibuleac and Gheorghiu Cristi from Romania, Tsvetelina Dimitrova from Bulgaria and Mor Lisiyansky from Israel.

The other 10 athletes who will participate in Final Step 1 from Group 'B', are Lidia Zaletel and Gorazd Sipek from Slovenia, Lubomir Kuchoukov, Ivo Klark, and Zhivko Dimitrov from Bulgaria, Tasos Pantelidis from Greece, Evgenios Efstathiou from Cyprus, Davorin Tepeh from Slovenia, Robert Vasiliu from Romania, and Liubomir Angelov of Bulgaria. These individuals will showcase their skills and compete fiercely for one of eight spots to advance to the Final Step 2 of the tournament.

The doubles category also promises an exciting competition as the top 14 duos battle it out for the championship.

In this additional category, each pair starts from scratch, intensifying the challenge for all participants.

The finalists in the doubles category:

  1. Nikos Serelis (Greece) and Lefteris Montsenigos (Greece)

  2. Alexandru Arbanas (Romania) and David Barak (Slovakia)

  3. Meni Mizrahi (Israel) and Liav Yehene (Israel)

  4. Mariana Meteksinova (Bulgaria) and Cynthia Duca (Malta)

  5. Golan Levi (Israel) and Roei Yehene (Israel)

  6. Alexander Zahariev (Bulgaria) and Stoyan Arsov (Bulgaria)

  7. Aidas Borodinas (Lithuania) and Rimvydas Balžekas (Lithuania)

  8. Gheorghe Nicolae (Romania) and Victor Dumitrascu (Romania)

  9. Georgi Dimov (Bulgaria) and Plamen Stanchev (Bulgaria)

  10. Darin Trayanov (Bulgaria) and Todor Lichev (Bulgaria)

  11. Giannis Xidas (Greece) and Stauros Parasakis (Greece)

  12. Dian Dinev (Bulgaria) and Luben Levicharov (Bulgaria)

  13. Diana Enculescu (Romania) and Craciun Anton (Romania)

  14. Lucian Paraschiv (Romania) and Ruslan Vasilev (Bulgaria)

With such a talented pool of finalists across the various categories, the Balkan Challenge 2023 has undoubtedly been a display of skill, dedication, and a celebration of the competitive spirit so far.

As the tournament progresses into its final stages, fans and participants alike eagerly await the gripping battles that lie ahead, as these talented individuals fight tooth and nail to claim victory.

Make sure to tune in to the live stream and check the scores to see all the action unfold in front of your eyes!

Contact information:

+359 888 517 520

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