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Balkan Challenge Open 2023 Day 6 | It's getting intense!

Bowling Balkan Challenge 2023

Day 6 of the Balkan Challenge Open 2023 flew by at an amazing pace, with an impressive increase in the number of players. Ninety-seven bowling athletes have already participated in this incredible tournament, and the action is reaching a critical point, with only two days left for the champions to emerge!

The leader of Group 'A,' Golan Levi from Israel, maintains a tight grip on first place with his impressive total of 1130 points (226.0 avg.). Romanian player Craciun Anton also refuses to relinquish his position and currently holds second place with a total of 1116 points (223.2 avg.). However, there have been some changes in the Top 4. Dian Dinev from Bulgaria, who previously held third place, has been pushed down to fourth by none other than the previous Group 'A' leader, Mariana Meteksinova, another Bulgarian player. On day 6, Mariana improved her result, reaching a total of 1106 points (221.2 avg.).

Balkan Challenge Open 2023 - Group A

In Group 'B,' the leaders seem confident as they maintain their positions for the second consecutive day. Day 6 did not bring any changes to the Top 4 standings. Mirela Tibuleac from Romania continues to hold the first place, leading for the fifth consecutive day with a total of 1018 points (203.6 avg.). Tsvetelina Dimitrova from Bulgaria secures the second place with 997 points in total (199.4 avg.). Lidija Zaletel from Slovenia remains in third place with 968 points (193.6 avg.), while Lubomir Kuchoukov from Bulgaria stays in fourth place with a total of 966 points (193.2 avg.).

Balkan Challenge Open 2023 - Group B

Day 6 did not bring any significant changes to the Doubles category. The first place in the Balkan Challenge 2023 still belongs to Meni Mizrahi and Liav Yehene from Israel, who scored a total of 2137 points (213.7 avg.). Bulgarian representatives Stoyan Arsov and Alexander Zahariev maintain the second place with 2091 points (209.1 avg.). The third place is still occupied by none other than Lithuanian players Aidas Borodinas and Rimvydas Balžekas, with a score of 2082 points (208.2 avg.). Finally, Bulgarians Darin Trayanov and Todor Lichev managed to hold on to the fourth place with a total of 2057 points (205.7 avg.).

With two days left in the Balkan Challenge 2023, who can emerge on top? Can the leaders manage to keep their top spots?

Make sure to tune in to the live stream and check the scores to see all the action unfold in front of your eyes!

A few spots still remain unclaimed within the squads. Secure your place now before they're all filled!

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