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Balkan Challenge Open 2023 Day 5 | Thrilling bowling battles and impressive performances unfold!

Day 5 at the Balkans Challenge Open 2023 witnessed a significant surge in participant numbers, with the current count reaching 76 competitors in the tournament. Throughout the competition, a total of 15 squads were already completed.

In Group 'A,' Golan Levi, hailing from Israel, claimed the first-place position. Levi's impressive performance in squad 13 yielded a score of 1130 points (226.0 avg.). Holding onto the second spot was Craciun Anton from Romania, with a score of 1116 points (223.2 avg.). Completing the top 4 were two Bulgarian players, Dian Dinev with 1102 points (220.4 avg.) and Darin Trayanov with 1098 points (219.6 avg.).

Moving on to Group 'B,' a total of 26 athletes have participated so far. Mirela Tibuleac from Romania has maintained her leading position for the fourth consecutive day, amassing a score of 1018 points (203.6 avg.). Tsvetelina Dimitrova currently secures the second position, trailing Tibuleac by 21 points. Lidija Zaletel from Slovenia holds the third spot with 968 points (193.6 avg.). Advancing to the final phase alongside them is Lubomir Kuchoukov from Bulgaria, whose total score stands at 966 points (193.2 avg.).

The Balkan Challenge 2023 has witnessed the entry of several new doubles teams. Meni Mizrahi and Liav Yehene from Israel achieved an outstanding score of 2137 points (213.7 avg.), solidifying their position at the top. Holding onto the second spot are Stoyan Arsov and Alexander Zahariev, both representing Bulgaria, with a cumulative score of 2091 points (209.1 avg.). A new doubles team from Lithuania, consisting of Aidas Borodinas and Rimvydas Balžekas, secured the third place position with a score of 2082 points (208.2 avg.). Darin Trayanov and Todor Lichev, both from Bulgaria, maintain the fourth place position with 2057 total (205.7 avg.).

Up until now, the Balkan Challenge 2023 has lived up to its promise of excitement, featuring frequent shifts in the lead and an impressive surge in scores at a rapid pace.

We are eagerly anticipating what lies ahead, and if you don't want to miss any of the thrilling moments, be sure to tune in to the live stream and check the scores!

A few spots still remain unclaimed within the squads. Secure your place now before they're all filled!

Contact information:

+359 888 517 520

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