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Balkan Challenge Open 2023 Day 4 | Craciun Anton takes the lead!

Balkan Challenge Open 2023

Tuesday marked a fourth day of the Balkan Challenge 2023 and it was as exciting as ever with new leaders and scores getting higher and higher.

After day 4 we have 57 players already who are contending in Group A and 21 athletes in Group B.

Group A is serving as unbelievable action with top players constantly rotating and day 4 was no exception. Craciun Anton (Romania) took the lead with his amazing performance, scoring 1116 total points (223.2 avg.) and pushing Dian Dinev (Bulgaria) with his 1102 total (220.4 avg.) to a second place. Darin Trayanov (Bulgaria) is at the moment sitting comfortably in a third place with 1098 total (219.6 avg.) while Alexander Zahariev (Bulgaria) takes a fourth position - 1073 total (214.6).

Balkan Challenge Open 2023 | Day 4 - Group A

Group B seems to have settled down a bit with Mirela Tibuleac (Romania) still keeping the lead with a total of 1018 (203.6 avg.) and Svetelina Dimitrova (Bulgaria) staying in a second place with 997 total (199.4 avg.). Although there are some changes in the top 4, Lidija Zalatel (Slovenia) is now in a third spot - 968 total (193.6 avg.) and Lubomir Kuchoukov (Bulgaria) takes the fourth with 966 total (193.2 avg.). Exciting to see if top players can keep the lead as the tournament goes on!

Balkan Challenge Open 2023 | Day 4 - Group B

It seems like day 4 did not bring any changes to a top 3 of Doubles category. Alexander Zahariev (Bulgaria) and Stoyan Arsov (Bulgaria) are still in the lead with 2091 total points (209.1 avg.), Darin Trayanov (Bulgaria) and Todor Lichev (Bulgaria) keeping their second place with 2057 total (205.7 avg.) and Diana Enculecu (Bulgaria) together with Craciun Octavian Anton (Bulgaria) in third with 2016 total (197.6 avg.). Can these pairs keep their places as the tournament goes on?

So far Balkan Challenge 2023 is as exciting as we've been promised with many lead changes and scores getting higher in a huge tempo.

We are all super excited to see what comes next and if you want to catch all the action live, make sure to check tournament live stream and full scores.

There are still some vacant spots left in the squads. Grab one of yours now!

Contact information:

+359 888 517 520

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