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Top 8 Male and Female Bowlers Advance to Quarterfinals in the 2024 IBF Youth World Cup

The 2024 IBF Youth World Cup in Lima, Peru logo
Picture credit: Federación Peruana de Bowling

The top eight bowling athletes in both the Boy's and Girl's divisions have earned positions in the quarterfinals at the 2024 IBF Youth World Cup in Lima, Peru.

After a 15-game round-robin match-play, the eight advancing players in the Girl's division were: Sweden’s Nora Johansson (14W-1L – 3620 total); Singapore’s Ning Tay (10W-5L – 3442 total), Costa Rica’s Elena Weinstok (13W-2L – 3395 total), Colombia’s Sara Duque (9-6 – 3,110), Malaysia’s Nur Hazirah Binti Ramli (7W-8L – 3081 total), Czech Republic’s Eliska Krummerova (9W-6L – 3,065), Guatemala’s Sofia Olivares (9W-6L – 2995 total), and USA's Jenna Stretch (10W-5L – 2980 total).

In the Boy's division, the contenders for the 2024 IBF Youth World Cup medals include Sweden’s Robin Ilhammar (13W-2L – 3763 total), Malaysia’s Megat Zaqrul Msiqal (11W-3L-1D – 3761), Singapore’s Aiman Raedyn Lim Jen (11W-4L – 3757 total), Romania’s Dragnia Mihai Alin (9W-6L – 3580 total), Czech Republic’s Lukas Jelinek (9W-6L – 3580 total), Germany’s Zeno Jansen (10W-5L – 3536 total), Puerto Rico’s Edgar Burgos (6W-7L-2D – 3302 total) and Colombia’s Samuel Calderon (8W-7L – 3296 total).

During the quarterfinals, the remaining athletes will engage in best-of-three matchups. The pairing of competitors will be based on their positions from the round-robin round, resulting in the No. 1 seed facing the No. 8 seed, the No. 2 seed competing against the No. 7 seed, and so forth.

Friday signifies the culmination of the 2024 Youth World Cup. Following the quarterfinals, the last four players will contend in best-of-three semifinals. Subsequently, the top two national bowling representatives will go head-to-head in the 2024 IBF Youth World Cup finals, vying for the gold.

25 countries compete in this year's Youth World Cup - Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Germany, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, México, Netherlands, Perú, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United States, Uruguay and Wales.

The bowling Youth World Cup 2024 is not the sole global youth bowling event this year. The 2024 IBF Youth World Championships are scheduled to occur in Incheon, Korea, from July 7th to July 18th, 2024. The complete IBF event schedule can be found here.

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