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2023 WBC: double win for Singapore and Malaysia in Singles event

Natasha Roslan & Sin Li Jane from Malaysia and Darren Ong & Jaris Goh from Singapore | Credit: Bowling Malaysia & Singapore Bowling Federation
World Bowling Championships Singles champions | Credit: Bowling Malaysia & Singapore Bowling Federation

The five-day competition in the Singles category of the 2023 IBF World Bowling Championships in Kuwait concluded today.

Following intense competition in the initial group stages (Rounds 1 and 2), only the top four male and female athletes advanced to the semifinals with the hope of becoming the Singles World Champion.

In the women's semifinals, both Natasha Roslan and Sin Li Jane from Team Malaysia triumphed over their South Korean opponents, setting the stage for an all-Malaysian final.

Natasha Roslan secured a 2-1 victory against Son Hye Rin (with scores of 143-189, 227-173, 214-177), while Sin Li Jane defeated Hong Hae Ni 2-1 (with scores of 202-203, 226-192, 269-220).

In the championship match, Natasha Roslan made a strong start, winning the first game with a final score of 259-194. However, Sin Li Jane leveled the series in the second game with a score of 238-162. In the thrilling final match, Natasha Roslan delivered a superior performance and clinched the gold medal in the Singles category with a 185-165 victory.

Singles Gold medal - Natasha Roslan (Malaysia)
Singles Silver medal - Sin Li Jane (Malaysia)
Singles Bronze medals - Son Hye Rin & Hong Hae Ni (South Korea)

In the men's semifinals, Jaris Goh and Darren Ong replicated Team Malaysia's success, both securing spots in the Singles finals for Team Singapore.

Jaris Goh emerged victorious against Ghanim Aboujassoum of Qatar with a score of 2-0 (211-204, 248-242), while his compatriot Darren Ong overcame Germany's Tobias Börding with a score of 2-1 (208-222, 224-173, 225-213).

In the championship match, Darren Ong outperformed Jaris Goh, securing a 2-0 victory (184-179, 208-164), and earning the gold medal in the Singles category.

Darren Ong's win marked the first time a male bowler from Singapore had clinched the singles category title since Remy Ong's victory in the 2006 world championships held in South Korea.

Singles Gold medal - Darren Ong (Singapore)
Singles Silver medal - Jaris Goh (Singapore)
Singles Bronze medals - Ghanim Aboujassoum (Qatar) & Tobias Börding (Germany)

The 2023 IBF World Bowling Championships will resume tomorrow with the Doubles event.

In the city of Kuwait, a total of 138 men and 72 women representing twenty-three countries have come together for the 2023 IBF World Bowling Championships.

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